7 Fabulous And Fierce Tattooed Drag Superstars

7 Fabulous And Fierce Tattooed Drag Superstars

These 7 gorgeous drag superstars are turning heads with their ink and their fierce modern take on drag.
Critics say that having tattoos as a drag superstar isn't feminine enough just the same as some narrow minded folk think about us girls!
Some of the stunning queens in this post were either contestants or winners on Ru Paul’s Drag Race which is currently casting for season 8. The success of the show has put drag in the spotlight and with LGBT rights changing all over the world this series is making its mark on TV history.
Here is a list of my top 7 favorite fabulous and fierce inked drag queens that can give some top models a run for their money!
RAVEN aka David Petruschin
RAVEN is known for her sharp wit, stunning fashion sense, fierce stomp on the runway and killer lip-syncs.
MISS FAME aka Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen
MISS FAME grew up on a chicken farm and still loves them to this day. That’s why her upper left arm tattoo is of a colorful rooster.
ADORE DELANO aka Daniel Noriega
ADORE DELANO once a contestant for American Idol she now has a successful music career using her drag persona.
RAJA aka Sutan Amrull
RAJA announced she was “the future of drag”. Her eye-popping style won her the crown on Ru Paul’s Drag Race S3.
PEARL aka Matthew Lent
PEARL describes herself as a “Stepford wife robot b**ch”. She has released several albums and launched a unisex fragrance called Flazéda.
PORCELAIN aka Jordan
PORCELAIN shocks her audience with suspension shows, fire swallowing, pole acrobatics and stunning display of ink.
JEFFREE STAR aka Jeffrey Lynn Steininger
JEFFREE STAR is a self-made My Space pop music sensation and although not exactly a self proclaimed drag artist he makes the list as one of my favorite stunning tattooed queens.
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