8 Adventure Time Tattoos: Featuring Jake

These Adventure Time Jake tattoos are really off the hook!
Finn's best bud from the series Adventure Time had some love from these tattoo collectors by getting him on their skin. I'm sure that these tattoos are a really a cool way to pay tribute to a special friendship. Plus, Jake really looks awesome as a tattoo!
Here are 8 Awesome Jake Tattoos!
Jake tattoo by Devin at The Rusty Needle
Tattoo by Tony Amundson
HHH - Homies help homies! LOL!
With Finn as the Mario bros.
Beautiful colored foot Jake tattoo.
Showin' some love for burrito.
Tattoo done at Cock a Snook Tattoo
Jake eating pie!
Thanks for looking at these Adventure Time Jake tattoos! Hope you guys got some awesome ideas and inspiration from looking at this blog.

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