8 Fresh Tomato Tattoos

8 Fresh Tomato Tattoos

Why not to choose a tomato as tattoo inspiration? These tomato tattoos look so colorful, fresh and yummy!
One of our favorites, especially when it comes to Italian cuisine, the tomato is one of the main ingredients and essential for the dishes. Here are some of the awesome tomato tattoos we have seen online. A number of tattoo collectors have inked themselves a tomato and they look really dope! Here are 8 fresh tomato tattoos:
Realistic tomato tattoo by koraykaragozler
Tattoo by Minerva Tattoos
Trippy tomato tattoo by Dave Barton
Colorful tomato tattoo by Travis Litke
Tattoo by Jessi Lawson
Tomato tattoo by abraxastattoo
Tattoo from hiddenhandtattoo
Tomato tattoo by Joel David McClure
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