8 Fun And Solid Pineapple Tattoos

You don't really see much Pineapple Tattoos in tattoo collectors, but MAN! These Pineapple tattoos are really fun and off the hook!
Not to mention really creative and looking solid too!
Whether they love pineapples or simply want to pay homage to the tropics or something or someone who reminds them of pineapples, these tattoos are as cool as a polar bear's toes!
Here you go, folks!
Don't hate! Simple yet solid.
Tattoo by Andrew Mullen
Tattoo by Cory C.
Pineapple grenade tattoo
Bejewelled Pineapple Tattoo by Kelly McGrath
Pineapple Kewpie Tattoo
Tattoo by Matt Valentine
Pineapple drink tattoo
For a kid like me who grew up in a tropical island, I can't deny my love for Pineapples, but hey, they're not for everyone.