8 Lucky Maneki Neko Tattoos

8 Lucky Maneki Neko Tattoos

These lucky Maneki Neko tattoos aka lucky cats are really popular among collectors who are into business.
Whether it be for the imagery or for good fortune, Maneki Neko tattoos look really awesome on skin.Here are 8 lucky Maneki Neko tattoos:
Tattoo by Jamie Ames Navarro
In progress but already looking amazing.
Neko Sleeve by Darwin Enriquez
Tattoo by @rizza_boo
Beautiful Japanese style half sleeve
Tattoo by Hidden hand
Amazing maneki neko back piece.
New School neko by Adam Aguas
Thanks for looking at this post! Hope you all enjoyed looking at these Maneki Neko tattoos. Always look out for more awesome tattoo related stuff in the Tattoodo blog!

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