8 Muppet Tattoos That'll Bring Out The Kid In You

You don't see muppet tattoos often. Heck, in the first place, who would want them?? But nowadays, anything goes, even muppet tattoos, YUP.
I have searched the web for muppet tattoos and I'm not gonna lie, I have seen some HORRIBLE tattoos of 'em out there.But here are some of the awesome ones I have come across the world wide web, I hope you guys dig them too!
Awesome Cookie Monster tattoo
Fear and loathing Muppet style
Grover cover up by LEO
It's the COUNT!
Amazing colored hand tattoo!
Ernie and Bert feet tattoos!
Tattoo by Robert Pho
Super Grover!!
Awesome Sesame Street sleeve
If you liked them, awesome, if not its all good! Peace!