8 Solid Axe Tattoos

8 Solid Axe Tattoos

Axe tattoos are brutal and solid, click here to view!
These solid brutal looking Axe tattoos look really awesome on skin. Believe it or not, the axe is also a symbol of feminine power, aside from representing labor and craftsmanship. Some collect axe tattoos to celebrate the culture of lumberjacks, others simply love the imagery.
Here are 8 Solid Axe tattoos:
Tattoo by Ben O'grady
Tattoo by CoryC
Lumber jack tattoo. TIMBER!!
Tattoo by Pony Lawson
Tattoo by Krystalchains
Tattoo by Eduardo Harbs
Tattoo By Philip Yarnell
Tomahawk colored traditional tattoo
Hope you guys had a good time looking at these axe tattoos! We hope that these tattoos spark inspiration and ideas for artists and collectors alike.

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