Active For Autism: A Charitable Flash Tattoo Marathon

Almost 100 tattoos done in 16 hours on the annual Active for Autism charity tattoo marathon raised just a bit under £2,000!
Tom Nasmyth-Shaw founded Active for Autism after his son was diagnosed at a young age, and to help with costs they hosted the second annual marathon this year, that was planned to last 13 hours and was extended to 16. Every customer could chose from selected designs costing £13!
The event was organised at the Nebula Tattoo Shop together with the owner William Jones, who is childhood friends with Tom. William and two other artist, Naimh Magill and Shaun Williams, got 98 people tattooed in the 16 hours!
Check out the shop right here:
The Artist Naimh Magill Inking A Coustumer, via South Wales Evening Post
Charity Marathon in Action, via South Wales Evening Post
Inking For A Good Cause, via South Wales Evening Post
Huge Lines Were Made in The Shop, via South Wales Evening Post
"Every penny we raise goes directly to families affected by autism for private early intervention therapies, specialists toys and equipment that our government won't provide — or if they do rarely provide it, it's as such a poor standard you might as well do it yourself." said Tom.
Tom Nasmyth-Shaw Watches as Another Costumer Gets Inked, via South Wales Evening Post
Some of The Designs That Were Tattooed, via South Wales Evening Post
Mores Designs, via South Wales Evening Post