Adorable Tattooed Monmon Cats By Horitomo

Adorable Tattooed Monmon Cats By Horitomo

These adorable tattooed Monmon Cats are the works of the amazing Horitomo of State of Grace, San Jose.
One of the best in the Japanese style of tattooing, those who are into the tattoo scene definitely know who Horitomo is. These cats carry amazing tattoo imagery on their bodies and even have their own IG and website!Check them out at
Here are some of the adorable tattooed monmon cats by Horitomo:
Monmon cats doing Irezumi by HORITOMO
Artwork by HORITOMO
Painting by HORITOMO
Monmon cat and Hebi (snake)
Hannya on Monmon cat by HORITOMO
Monmon cat KOI
Severed head and sakuras on Monmon cat
Artwork by HORITOMO
Hope you guys enjoyed looking at these Monmon cats by Horitomo! Follow them on IG: @monmoncats and look up their website:
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