Alessandro Manfredini Is Italy's Tattooed Silver Fox

You might develop a taste for a certain shade of grey once you get to know this Italian gentleman by the name of Alessandro Manfredini.
Move over Nick Wooster, because this silver-haired, tattooed and bearded, Italian man with a sharp eye for style just might give you a run for your money. Italian made and fashion scene paid, Alessandro Manfredini is giving people something to talk about.

At 47, it seems that he really is making the most of his silver years before he hits the gold.
In addition to being a Beard Season ambassador, Alessandro also appeared in the exclusive Project60 series of photographer Brock Elbank.
The story behind Alessandro's beard is actually pretty interesting. It's something only an Italian would think of doing to cope with rough times. As told by GWD, Alessandro—a man who loves the countryside—recently bought an old farmhouse in the Emilia Romagna district of Italy. But only a couple months after his move, a terrible earthquake hit the area leaving the Emilia Romagna district in a rough state.
“Alessandro faced deep depression,” GWD stated. “But he promptly reacted trying to find a way to escape this black nightmare; and he did it the Italian way with passion and creativity trying to reinvent himself: he grew moustache and beard.”
He showed everyone on his Instagram the progress he made and soon after, caught the attention of fashion bloggers, fashion brands, and the rest of us who are simply drawn to his silver hair and those tasteful tattoos that match his majestic beard.
The things we'd do to trade places with the lady with the lady.
Pushing fifty; selfie game too strong.
Like Nick Wooster, Alessandro is the man you wish your boyfriend would dress up like sometimes.
Before he became the face of many print ads, Alessandro is actually a sculptor and a graphic designer—which explains him winning this web thing.
Here he is with fellow tattooed and bearded gentleman, Ricki Hall.
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