Arena Homme+ Features Shirtless & Inked Jay Park

Jay Park, the Korean American rapper was featured in men’s magazine Arena Homme+ where he showed off his tattoos.
The rapper is known for his fierce and playful look but in this photoshoot Jay looks more softer than usual. The magazine explains: “We tried to expose his natural side more than his usual fierce side that Jay Park is well-known for”. Also, the photos show off his awesome tattoos on his arm and collarbone and the great artwork behind it.
Known as a tattoo culture enthusiast, he was asked about the meaning behind his tattoos during one of his press conferences in Singapore. He replied “all my tattoos have meanings, you know, it’s my music, my family, my crew, all for what I stand for”. Check out the video:
Photo by Arena Homme+
Photo by: Arena Homme+
Photo by: Arena Homme+
Different look, source: High Cut Korea