Bath Bombs, Sexy Leg Tattoos... And Kittens!

Bath Bombs, Sexy Leg Tattoos... And Kittens!

Bath bombs are more fun with sexy leg tattoos. Isn't everything?
Quality time: Logan Tran and wife.
Bath bombs were pretty big this year. Everyone seemed to have had them for Christmas as I've seen on Instagram. And with brands like Lush and Fizzy Baker and their varieties of bath bombs, it's not hard to tell why people are crazy about them. They also come in all shapes and sizes—some are even disguised as little deserts like cupcakes and French macarons. Even I love how it looks on the tub; imagine pretending you're a mermaid in turquoise-hued water or feeling all kawaii in pastel pink water.

And because tattoos make everything more fun, they did not disappoint making bath bombs more magical than they already are.
Can't miss that octopus portrait tattoo!
I. LOVE. THIS. Any self-respecting slasher flick fan should be!
Kinda reminds you of melted vanilla ice cream, doesn't it?
Bath bombs and tattoos all day.
Leg tattoos
Leg tattoo #goals.
Leg tattoos
Leg tattoos
Leg tattoos
Trads looking fierce and sweet at the same time with bath bomb-attacked tub water.
Lost at sea leg tattoos.
Leg tattoos
Leg tattoos
Courtney Lloyd/Instagram
Even model and tattoo artist Courtney Lloyd can't help but join in on the bath bomb blast!
Look at that vivid colour! Who can resist not jumping in it too?
Leg tattoos
Bath bomb and chill?
Leg tattoos
When a furry kitty wants bath bomb time, too you better give it a damn bath bomb time.
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