Dr Woo's Incredible Geometric Constellations

Dr Woo is one of the most talented tattoo artist today, one thing that is a real signature for him, are his geometrical constellations
You read about him a couple times before in here, but time we select a line of his work that says a lot about it.
His take on a star map, by Dr Woo
Cosmic Braille, by Dr Woo
Dr Woo's constellations are a big part of his art, he designs then around everything, and can make basically anything with it.
Dragon constellation, by Dr Woo
Looks a bit Indian! by Dr Woo
Foxy, by Dr Woo
It's a slick black and grey mixed with amazing dot-work giving shape to amazing designs!
Humming Bird, by Dr Woo
Another Humming bird, by Dr Woo
Mickey Mouse, by Dr Woo
Adventures of Triskel and the Never ending Knot, by Dr Woo
Love Machine, by Dr Woo
Amazing Planetarium Constellation, by Dr Woo
If you like his work, and want to check some more take a look at this!