'dragon Man' Aims To Break Record Tattoo Session!

Vancouver resident Josh Burns, aka 'Dragon Man' is a performer and entertainer and plans to have every inch of his body tattooed.
So what better way to start of his transformation with an epic 51 hour tattoo session!!
Hoping to transform himself into a walking, talking inked up dragon Burns spent an incredible 50 hours 57 minutes being tattooed and is hoping to break the Guinness World Record which previously stood at 50 hours 10 minutes. For Burns the record is just a bonus, the aim of the mammoth tattoo session was to simply get him closer to his end goal of being a true 'Dragon Man'.
Photo: René Blais Photography
"I started getting piercings and five years ago I started the transformation into a dragon.”

Aside from the epic inking Burns' road to becoming the 'Dragon Man' has seen him split his tongue, have his ears pointed and ridged, horn implants on his forehead and his eyes tattooed black!! This dudes body modification game is next level!!
Photo: René Blais Photography
“Pain is an issue, but I can get over pain – the world record just helps boost the career,”

50 hours under the needle would certainly cause some serious pain and soreness, but not just for Burns. Tattoo artist Brandon Fancie who was the artist behind the needle connected with Burns over Facebook and saw it as way to get his name out there abit more, but he almost bit off more than he could chew...
“Around hour 45 my feet and ankles started swelling up and it got pretty painful near the end. There was no circulation from sitting and standing for so long...By the time I walked back to my hotel room, I was literally crawling around my room.”
Photo: René Blais Photography
Due to the extreme nature of the tattoo session Burns and Francie were granted a 5 minute break every hour, but could save these breaks for a 50 minute break every 10 hours!! During the tattooing Burns went into shock three times, but luckily his friend who is trained in first aid was with him...although he didn't consult a Doctor before undergoing the crazy event!
Francie and Burns, Photo: René Blais Photography
The grueling session now behind him Burns is waiting to hear back from the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm whether his efforts broke the record. Even if it doesn't 50 hours under the needle is something you don't see everyday. Top effort Dragon Man!