Everybody Be Cool With These Pulp Fiction Tattoos

Everybody Be Cool With These Pulp Fiction Tattoos

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most popular directors of our times, if not a cult one.
Movie buffs want references to his movies as permanent tributes and Pulp Fiction tattoos are often terrific to see. One of his most stylish and witty creations, Pulp Fiction attracts tattooed fans with his classy and dapper characters, such as the sexy Mia or the cool Jules. They turn the images of the famous actors into fantastic portrait tattoos or get some quotes and funny ink to remember their favorite moments... Are you a fan of Tarantino? Then you could have a blast watching these memorable Pulp Fiction tattoos...
Flirty Mia Wallace by Benjamin Laukis.
Awesome Pulp Fiction tattoos by Carlos Rojas!
A Royale with cheese by Cecil Porter.
Gorgeous piece by Charles Huurman.
Cool Captain Koons by Chris Jones.
Impressive sleeve by Den Yakovlev!
Creative Jules piece by Dzikson Wildstyle.
Mia by Edgar Monjo.
Jules by Emersson Pabon.
Graphic art by Jef Palumbo.
Cool caricature by Vilela Tattooing.
Rad piece by Liam at True Colour.
Minimalistic blackwork by Matt Cooley.
Incredible sleeve by Matteo Pasqualin!
Great composition, also by Matteo Pasqualin.
Please credit.
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