Explore The Depths With These 18 Diving Helmet Tattoos!

Explore The Depths With These 18 Diving Helmet Tattoos!

Get ready to feel those ocean vibes with some awesome diving helmet tattoos!
Diving helmets are as exactly as they sound, they are helmets worn when diving under the ocean. Sealed in place diving helmets keep water off the divers head and allow them to breath under the surface. With breathing gas supplied to the helmet divers can spend time under the ocean working in complete safety. The helmet also protects them when doing dangerous work, while also giving them clear vision. On top of being some great underwater apparatus diving helmets also make sweet tattoos!!
Diving helmet tattoos are usually inspired by the classic and antique copper diving helmets and match the traditional look of the helmet with some traditional style tattooing. Bold and striking these diving helmet tattoos will have you yearning for the oceans depths in no time...or have you wanting your own diving helmet tattoo!
Diving Helmet Tattoo by Rafael Plaisant
Bold Tattoo by Heath Nock
Divers Helmet Rose Tattoo by Daniele Caminati
Divers Helmet Skull Tattoo by Sam Lloyd
Old School Diving Helmet Tattoo by Chris Harris
Badass Hand Tattoo by Jamie Kirche
Diving Helmet Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Brilliant Tattoo by Kris Ciezlik
Diving Helmet Tattoo by Ramon Panizo
Great Piece by Robert Valley
Another Solid Tattoo by Daniele Caminat
Eerie Skull Diver by Rosewood Studio
Divers Helmet by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Creative Tattoo by Sara Caturani
Bold Tattoo by Spillo Tattoos
unknown artist
Dotwork Diving Helmet Tattoo by Clare Lambert
artist unknown
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