Fetty Wap's Girl Alexis Sky Gets New Ink: Wedding Bells Or Not?

Fetty Wap's Girl Alexis Sky Gets New Ink: Wedding Bells Or Not?

Alexis Sky, Fetty Wap's girlfriend got Willie under her ear, an obvious homage to his name, Willie Maxwell II. Does that mean business?
Not long ago Fetty's ex-girl, Masika Kalysha, tweeted some dish about rapper girls and tattoos, saying: "Strippers getting rappers nicknames tattooed but ain't got no ring and ain't been claimed... Lord Jesus," Alexis then posted a pic of her "Zoovier" tattoo with the caption: "@masikakalysha yup I Sure did."
Alexis ear and hand tattoos, via Instagram
On the picture you can see both the Willie tattoo behind her ear, and the Zoovier on her hand. But we don't really care about all that drama! What we really care is the ink! So lets talk about that! Both Alexis and Fetty are big fans of tattoos, having multiples ones in various places, check it out:
Fetty's got some face ink and Alexis some neck! via Instagram
She also has a huge piece on her left leg and a butterfly on her butt cheek! via Instagram
Fetty Wap's face ink, via Getty Images
Alexis and Fetty, via Instagram
He even had his eye prosthetic inked, saying:"if they gonna look, let's give 'em something to look at"
Some of Fetty's chest and lower neck ink, still from "Trap Queen"