Finally, A Glimpse Of Harry Styles' Elusive Thigh Tattoo

The One Direction fangirls may now rest. Harry Styles' thigh tattoo is finally revealed. (Cue suspense background music.)
It's no secret that the 21-year-old boyband member has a penchant for ink but doesn't seem to fancy showing off his many tattoos that upset some of his younger fans.
Chelsea Handler/Instagram
Early this year, his fans lost it when comedian Chelsea Handler posted a photo of her and Styles chilling out, wearing casual clothes. Fans immediately spotted the boyband member's never-before-seen thigh tattoo but nobody was quite sure what it was as the lighting and the angle of the photo didn't show too much.
But recently, fans were thrilled to have a better view of the young singer's elusive thigh tattoo during a friendly game Styles played with the rest of the boyband and several other friends.
There you have it.
It's a tiger. Bam. Lights off. Curtains down.
Here's an excerpt of what went down during an BBC Radio 1 Breakfast interview where Styles confirmed the tattoo through a computerised voice a la Stephen Hawking while he's on a vocal rest.