Go Down Under With These 11 Boomerang Tattoos!

Go Down Under With These 11 Boomerang Tattoos!

A weapon, a tool, a symbol of Australia, a boomerang is awesome! So checkout these great boomerang tattoos.
The oldest boomerangs date back thousands of years, and while hunting sticks like the boomerang were used across the globe it is with Australia that the boomerang has most association. Indigenous Australians used boomerangs primarily for hunting, and what sets the boomerang apart from other early hunting tools is that a boomerang is designed to return to its thrower!
Boomerangs are today a symbolic icon of Australia and that's what inspires most boomerang tattoos. A tribute to your homeland down under, or a loved one living there a boomerang is great little tattoo that's both creative and meaningful. Frequently tattooed in a bold traditional style boomerang tattoos are a fun design that not many people have! If you're after your own boomerang tattoo have a look at these 11 boomerang tattoos and get inspired!!
Abstract Boomerang Tattoo
Great Piece by Aleksei Kosenkov
Bold Boomerang Tattoo by Davide Sista
Creative Boomerang by Enku Shoji
Ankle Boomerang by George Von Asgard
Awesome Work by Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio
Colorful Tattoo by Luca Barbagallo
Boomerang Tattoo by L'amatore Tattoo Studio
Creative Boomerang Tattoo