Hindu Deities: 7 Ethereal Vishnu Tattoos

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The psychedelic art as they were depicted by artists long ago makes for a stunning traditional religious tattoos. Ethereal Vishnu Tattoos.

Vishnu is a major god in Hinduism. He is the "Preserver of the Universe", one who upholds the universal laws. He oversees the whole cosmos, participates in creation, & ensures that all is well.

He is depicted with a glowing blue body, symbolizing the infinite. The crown on his head a symbol of his Divine Power & Supreme Authority, the garland around his neck a symbol of the worship he receives as god. Dressed in yellow, he symbolizes the destruction of evil & his fight for justice. His gold earrings stand for the duality of creation (creation & destruction), and he usually has four arms.

Lord Vishnu's four arms are often depicted holding a shell, a lotus, a scepter & a disc.

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Tattoo Artist: Tim Kern

The shell represents vishnu's relationship with the primordial waters of creation. The lotus a symbol of spiritual development & cosmic harmony, the scepter a symbol of Supreme power & authority, and the disc symbolizes the sun & spiritual illumination.

Though this one's an awesome modern re-depiction of Vishnu!

Vishnu tattoo
Vishnu tattoo

Vishnu is the god of love & creation. Call on him whenever you need to create order in your life & find balance.



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