Hindu Goddess: 6 Beautiful & Ethereal Lakshmi Tattoos

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Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth & beauty.

Lakshmi tattoo by Raymond Wallace
Lakshmi tattoo by Raymond Wallace

Lakshmi is often depicted to have glowing gold skin with four arms, holding lotus flowers and golden coins cascading from her palms. She is generally visualized sitting or standing on a lotus flower, clad in gold jewelry and a reddish or pinkish shade of fabric. (Tattoo Artist: Raymond Wallace)

Lakshmi is also the presiding deity of light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage.

Tattoo Artist: Sara Purr

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Call on Lakshmi whenever you need help in areas affecting love, the household, finances, spiritual or material needs, and ways to manifest abundance into our lives.

Lakshmi encourages us to be contented with what we have and realize that we are blessed with everything we need. The first step into being rich is to feel it, and share it! Lakshmi will be sure to bless us with more along the way, so we can share more.

Now make a wish.... and believe that the prayer is heard.

Here's a beautiful & elaborate painting of the Goddess Lakshmi. <3

Share with us your Hindu-inspired tattoos & get featured! Have a blessed day, everyone!



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