Idol's Handwriting Tattoos: Would You Do It?

Idol's Handwriting Tattoos: Would You Do It?

Inking your favourite band's name or idol's face has always been around, but this generation has raised the bar: idol's handwriting tattoos.
With the help of social media interaction, fans get closer than ever to their idols. Sometimes getting in touch with that untouchable celebrity you love and adore can be possible. So, a new trend has developed from that. Just having their lyrics or quotes tattooed isn't enough anymore, people actually manage to get their idol's handwriting tattoos. Check some of these out!
Taylor Swift, Alanna Anuszewski and Sara Bayliss, via @alannakalixo
Best friends Alanna Anuszewski and Sara Bayliss got a chance to meet Taylor Swift backstage, and asked her to handwrite their favourite lyrics and titles."Taylor is a role model for me... I wasn't going to get the tattoo unless it was in Taylor's handwriting. I didn't think it would actually happen!" Alanna said in an interview
Sara Bayliss's Taylor Swift's Handwritten Tattoo, via @sarabaylisss
Alanna Anuszewski's Taylor Swift's Handwritten Tattoo, via @alannakalixo
A fan of One Direction asked ​Louis Tomlinson to write in a piece of paper  "Girl Almighty," which is a track from them.
​Louis Tomlinson
He later posted on Twitter, so other fans could tattoo the handwritten title as well.
Twitter post on his fan page
It didn't took long before the trend went viral as four friends who also happen to be big One Direction fans posted a picture of their new matching tattoos:
Four Friends Tattooed Louis Tomlinson Handwriting, via @manokaty
Demi Lovato
Lovato's fan Lindsey Nippert inked her handwritten "Warrior", Saying: "My battle is long from over, but I know Demi would be proud of my hard work towards being fully recovered (whenever that may be).​"
Lindsey Nippert's Demi Lovato Hand Writing Tattoo, via Pinterest
Lady Gaga and Marc Cohen
Lady Gaga famously befriended her fan Marc Cohen, who is now part of her entourage. He got a handwritten tattoo from her, "When I was at one of her concerts, she brought a little girl on stage for the last song 'Marry the Night' and she placed the little girl in her spotlight and told her to 'always stand in the light," he said in an interview
Marc Cohen's Lady Gaga Handwritten Tattoo, Courtesy of Marc Cohen
J Cole and Cierra Bosarge, via @simbahasdreams
J Cole told his diehard fan Cierra Bosarge that if she graduated high school and got into college, he would attend her graduation. He didn't just do that, but he also got her books and tuition money, and wrote her a letter from which she picked her favourite line and made it into a tattoo:
Cierra Bosarge's J Cole Handwritten Tattoo, via @simbahasdreams
Lena Dunham
Even Lena Dunham, creator of the TV series "Girls" got a request from her fan, Tina Wargo. She reached out on Twitter to see if she would handwrite her favourite quote so she could ink it. Lena did it and even gave her different options!
Lena Dunham's Handwritten Options, via @lenadunham
She posted on her Instagram account with the caption: "Hey @tinawargz I am sorry my handwriting is so junko but I'm very touched that you want this tattoo!"
Tina Wargo's Lena Dunham Handwritten Tattoo, via Twitter
So what do you think of this trend? Is it a cool homage to idols or too much fandom? Let us know in the comment section!
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