Indulge In Navel-Gazing With These Navel Tattoos!

Indulge In Navel-Gazing With These Navel Tattoos!

It's time to be a little bit selfish. After all, we are doing tattoos for our very own pleasure, to adorn our very own body.
And the most selfish part of our bodies is supposed to be our navel. But navel tattoos are not only there to celebrate our uniqueness and independance. They remind us birth, life and energy. Indeed, in many Asian practices such as Yoga, the navel is a very important place for breathing and peace. Stomach and belly tattoos are beautiful and they can be centered around this special location that is the belly button. Mandalas, sacred geometry or part of a more ambitious torso design, navel tattoos can be truly gorgeous. Here are some ideas but you can definitely send us your own navel-gazing ink!
Hypnotic piece by Akke!
For crystal lovers by Cassady Bell.
A navel? Where? I only see cool lines by Chaim Machlev...
Negative space navel by Gerhard Wiesbeck.
Cool work by Maxim Zhuravlev.
Charming tattoo by Mike Amanita...
Please credit.
Tribal tattoos often play with the navel. Photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri.
By Pierluigi Deliperi.
Inside the dark labyrinth by Thomas Hooper.
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