Jacoby Shaddix From Papa Roach Featured In "beyond The Ink"

Jacoby Shaddix From Papa Roach Featured In "beyond The Ink"

Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach is obviously a huge fan of ink,his full suit of tattoos is there to prove it!Keeping it punk all these years!
The band has been going strong for 22 years and back when they started Jacoby wasn't as inked as he is today. You can see that his tattoo collection evolved as he grew as a musician and rocker!
Some years ago with the classic chest piece Born To Rock
As a Clash Fan he had to have the Love/ Hate Knuckles
So the guys at Beyond The Ink caught up with him backstage at Le Trianon in Paris to talk about his love for tattooing, his favourite ones and cool stories behind them, check it out!
One of his favourites the Microphone Tattoo
Sick shot of his arms and neck, via Beyond The Ink
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