James Franco Loves Emma Watson! Actor Gets A “Tattoo” Of The Actress

If you’ve seen a good number of James Franco films you’ll know that this guy is no stranger to tattoos.
Not only had he enjoyed playing tattooed characters but he also does love a bit of tattoo on him. As far as we know, it's still uncertain whether any of the tattoos he shows up from time to to time with are real but it only keeps us guessing.
James Franco with tattoos
But here’s one thing you should know about James Franco. The actor is actually good friends with artist Cheyenne Randall aka indiangiver on Instagram. He’s famous for his photo manipulations of different celebrities by expertly covering celebrities—from Elvis Presley to Cara Delevingne—with tattoos, imagining an alternate universe where the classic and the new stars of Hollywood are heavily tattooed.
Marilyn Monroe with tattoos
We’re always looking forward to Cheyenne Randall’s posts at the end of the day because Tinseltown, as obsessed as it is with tattoos, are still not covered in ink the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a nice change after looking at celebrities with micro-er than micro tattoos and occasionally shitty tattoos all day.
James Franco with tattoos
Back in 2014, Cheyenne posted a photo of a heavily tattooed James Franco with a classic bad boy look on Instagram. People loved it. But they love the added Lana del Rey neck piece even more. Franco looked every inch of a bad boy straight from a 1950's movie. For those who don't know yet, James confessed that he loves Lana del Rey and her music. The actor even revealed that he's writing books about her!

The artwork caught the actor’s attention and seemed to have been quite taken by it. “James and I work together on these images from time to time,” Randall tells MTV. “Previously, I did a Lana Del Rey image of him, and a wheat paste of the same image a while back. I think it’s safe to say we have a mutual respect for each others’ craft.”
James Franco with tattoos
Recently, Cheyenne Randall thought it was time for another tattooed James Franco so he whipped up a new one right after watching “This is the End,” a film starring both James and Emma. “This time around I was looking for another girl to be his love in this fictitious scenario, and just happened to recently watch ‘This is the End’ with Emma in it,” he tells MTV. “I just went with it, and it fit well. ‘Emma’ really is the perfect name for tattoo script.”
James liked the idea and decided to go along with it. It seems like many others do too—with over 120k likes on James' Instagram! Love to James and Cheyenne!