King Of Inkland: Britain's Most Tattooed Man

King Of Inkland: Britain's Most Tattooed Man

Birmingham recently took the crown of being Britain's most tattooed city with almost half of its adult population going under the needle!
The majority of the tattooed population also boast between 11-15 designs. However Birmingham local Matthew Whelan has ink game like no other, he is after all Britain's most tattooed man!
From Bordesley Green, Birmingham, Whelan has spent an incredible £40,000 on his tattoo transformation so far. Covered head to toe in tattoos Whelan has even legally changed his name to 'King of Inkland King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite'... he goes by 'Body Art' for short!
Matthew Whelan before and after his tattoo transformation
Not one to do things by half the King of Inkland has even tattooed his eyeballs and had his nipples cut off to make for a smoother canvas on his chest!! But don't worry, he keeps them in his freezer!!

'My eyeballs are stained, it's also known as an eyeball tattoo. I've got pirates on me, aliens on me and I've got a blue penis. My penis is blue.' 
Matthew Whealan AKA Body Art
Since his tattoo transformation Whelan has found it increasingly difficult to find work, or even find employers who take him seriously. Yet undeterred by the stigma he has faced Whelan plans to go into business for himself and currently spends his spare time volunteering as a Liberal Democrat Activist. Although the discrimination he has faced because of his looks has caused him great frustration.
Britain's Most Tattooed Man
'There are [body] modified friendly companies. But the majority are like: "Look at these people! You look different from everyone in our office. You're different. You don't fit our criteria. We're not employing you." That's frustrating.' However it is not just employers Whelan has found reluctant to accept his extreme look, his father Patrick has found the transformation of his son hard to accept and worries it may impact any future career.

'I've never understood it and he knows I've never understood it... 'I can't come to terms with it. But I've accepted it. I'm not happy with it. I'd love him to be the son that I knew but he has chosen his own way of life.'
Britain's Most Tattooed Man
'I believe in my tattoos. I am who I am'

The King of Inkland is certainly one of a kind and while being the most tattooed man in Britain is quite the title the prejudice he has encountered because of it makes you question whether it's worth it. Though at the end of the day extreme body modifications don't change who you are as a person and people should look past the ink.
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