Kirsten Holliday: Inking Gardens On Skin

Kirsten Holliday: Inking Gardens On Skin

Vegans, florists, gardening hobbyists, anthophiles, art nouveau fans, and old souls alike are going to swoon like crazy.
Sleeve tattoo by Kirsten Holliday.
Not all tattoos have to look “badass” and imposing to stand out. Kirsten’s works definitely didn’t need to; they’re already lovely as they are. 

Heavily influenced with art nouveau, the style reflects in her beautiful yet laid-back, floral tattoos. That’s what people keep coming back for; Kirsten’s flowers and everything else with leaves that creep and wither.
Mouse and berries shoulder tattoo.
Flower sleeve tattoo.
Peach back tattoo.
The tattoos have a very vintage feel to them, as if they belong in the old apron you love seeing so much—which your grandma used to wear whenever she whips up her winning pies.
Owl sleeve tattoo.
With flower power and the light, storybook feel of her tattoos, Kirsten nails it with every design she “paints” on her clients' skin. The one above, for example, is supposed to be an ode to Harry Potter's wise headmaster, Dumbledore.
Flower tattoo .
Beautiful flower tattoo.
Fruit tattoo.
They’re also very delicate-looking. It’s as if you can smell the flowers wrapped carefully around the client’s skin.
White Flower tattoo.
Rabit and flower tattoo.
Flower shoulder tattoo.
Many admire Kirsten’s lovely mix of impeccable linework and relaxed hues.
Bird and flowers tattoo.
Herbs tattoo.
Rose shoulder tattoo.
Flowers tattoo.
Flower tattoo.
Kirsten tattoos at Wonderland Tattoos in Portland, Oregon with tattoo artists like Alice Carrier and Alice Kendall—tattoo machine-wielding ladies that are just as skilled as Kirsten. They make up a great tattoo team, operating in a shop where flowers bloom and sparrows sing—in ink, at least.
Wonderland tattoo
Flower tattoo by Kirsten
Skull and flowers tattoo
Bird and roses.
Flower tattoo
This particular piece, I believe, is one of her finest works. The placement is wonderful.
Garden flower tattoo
Fox and flower tattoo
We're not too surprised that Kirsten's books are almost always closed—it may take months to book an appointment with her. But I suppose the wait is going to be so worth it.
Beautiful flower tattoo by Kirsten
Flower tattoo by Kirsten
Forearm Flower tattoo
In the work process, new tattoo design
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