Lionel Messi: His Tattoos And What They Mean

Lionel Messi: His Tattoos And What They Mean

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, footballer ever! His tattoos aren't bad either, but what do they mean?
Barcelona talisman and star player Lionel Messi has finally returned to training after almost two months out with an injury. While it is great to see one of the world's best players getting back in the game it will be even better to see his sweet tattoos back on the pitch.
Over the past few years Messi has gone under the needle and collected some impressive ink on his arm, back and calves and it's all rather awesome! Each of Messi's tattoos also holds some personal significance for him.
Messi's first tattoo was a portrait of his mother on his back and was done as a tribute to one of the most important people in his life.
Messi Showing The Love For His Mother
A second tribute tattoo followed after the birth of his first child Thiago, his hand prints being tattooed on Messi's calf. With a new born second child it's safe to assume Messi will be back under the tattoo needle soon enough!
Thiago Messi's Hand Prints On His Fathers Leg!
Currently ranked as Barcelona's all-time leading scorer with 448 goals (including in friendlies) football is obviously close to Messi's heart and is the subject of a bold shin tattoo! Featuring a football, Messi's shirt number 10 the tattoo is quite the eye catcher.
No.10 Messi!
His most recent work has been the religious themed sleeve which he kept under-wraps for months, but thankfully he now proudly shows his awesome sleeve in almost every game.
Messi's Sleeve Is Badass!
A prominent feature of the sleeve is the rose window tattooed on Messi's elbow. The rose window is a tribute to the city of Barcelona and was inspired by the Sagrada Familia.
Messi's Bold Elbow Tattoo
Sitting atop of the impressive sleeve is a portrait of Christ, a finishing touch to a tattoo that declares Messi's faith and pays homage to it.
Messi Showing His Ink After Winning His 4th Champions League
It's hard to know what to appreciate more, his amazing football skills or brilliant tattoo collection...
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