Meet Katzen Hobbes The Tiger Lady

Meet Katzen Hobbes The Tiger Lady

She is a female stage performance artist, a musician and a tattoo artist: Meet Katzen Hobbes the one and only Tiger Lady!
At a young age she had dreams of having her body filled with tiger stripes but didn’t know how, at the age of 13 she was living in Japan and understood how she could manage to do so, but it wasn’t till she was 18 that she started her transformation, having had already 160 tattoo artist work on her body, even once 23 at the same time! At that specific occasion the pain was so intense that she fainted a couple of times!
Self Portrait by The Tiger Lady
The Tiger Lady Poses, via Ripley's
For fourteen years she had genuine tiger whiskers that were sent from zoos from all over the word, but it as they were messing with her eyesight she had them removed and had them scratched permanently to her face, using the process of scarification
She Performs With Knifes, via Ripley's
And With Scissors, via Ripley's
She was married to male performer “The Enigma” with whom she share a daughter with and for a while a musical performance called “the Human Marvels”. She also has a second son from a different marriage. She is now divorced and works as a tattoo artist in Austin, Texas.
The Tiger Lady and The Enigma
Fun fact: In German “Katzen” means “cat”.
Katzen Hobbes aka The Tiger Lady, via Ripley's
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