Meet Paul Lawrence: The Enigma

Meet Paul Lawrence: The Enigma

Sideshow performer, musician, actor and dedicated body modifier - meet Paul Lawrence aka The Enigma!!
Paul Lawrence's transformation into The Enigma began on December 20th 1992, under the tattoo needle of 'Katzen The Tiger Lady', another extreme body modifier who he would later marry and divorce. Since then he has been tattooed by over 200 different artists and has had as many as 23 tattoos underway at once!!!
The Enigma and Katzen
Paul Lawrence aka The Enigma
The Enigma's extreme body modifications include horn implants, ear reshaping and multiple piercings. Although, perhaps most notable is the full-body puzzle tattoo that covers him from head to toe!
The Enigma is also a talented musician
Though he feels right at home in the sideshow!
As a sideshow performer Lawrence was a founding member of the Jim Rose Circus and later toured with Katzen playing music and performing sideshows under the name 'Human Marvels'.
Yep, that's a drill...
and again...
In 2007 Lawrence performed at Universal Studio Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights event performing a number of crazy tricks including power tools, fire, electricity and blades!!
The Enigma puts on one hell of a show!!
Don't try this at home!!!
The Enigma has also had a number of mainstream media appearances on programs such as The X-Files, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, the movie Firecracker and Billy Talent's music video for Fallen Leaves.
The Enigma is certainly one of a kind!
Once the most tattooed man in the world, The Enigma is quite the guy and a true body modification legend!!
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