Mo Ganji: Just A Line Please

Mo Ganji: Just A Line Please

Just a line. It is the effective and aesthetic main idea that defines the style of the tattoo artist Mo Ganji.
Indeed, with the rise of minimalistic, sketch style and contemporary tattoos, the portfolio of the Berlin based artist is catching attention. From Iran, the young tattoo artist (not tattooed himself yet) has made a bold move by leaving a high-flying job to embrace the tattoo career. Now devoted to his art, he creates designs for his clients that are made with one line, without looking at it (and sometimes some dots). He learnt the trade from a skilled and also trending artist, Valentin Hirsch. Nature inspires Mo and his philosophy of life. Get in line for the original linework of Mo Ganji and follow him on Instagram.
Minimalistic flower.
Nice looking elephant.
oneline mountain
Sometimes, some subtle dotwork adorn the linework.
minimalistic horse in a wind
Great placement.
One line, just one line!
two is better than one birds flying away
Animal tattoos are his favorites.
detailed owl
oneline mountain goat
But he can also do creative portraits.
Good looking piece.
So poetic...
The artist at work.
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