Never Say Die With These 15 Goonies Tattoos

Never Say Die With These 15 Goonies Tattoos

The Goonies is an iconic film, so feel the love for a cult classic with these 15 Goonies tattoos!!
The Goonies is a 1985 adventure film following a group of pre-teens and there search for the legendary treasure of 17th century pirate One-Eyed Willy, which they intend to use to save their homes from demolition. Goonies tattoos take influence and inspiration from the characters of the movie, like Sloth and Chunk, as well as from its story. Goonies tattoos are simply a fun and nostalgic tattoo that will take you back to childhood and remind you why the movie was so good.
From secret caverns and life threatening adventure to crazed criminal families The Goonies has it all and these 15 Goonies tattoos will have you shouting 'Never Say Die' in no time!!
Chunk Tattoo by Heather Maranda
Goonies Ship Tattoo, artist unknown
Awesome Goonies Tattoo by Elliott Wells
Sloth Tattoo by Todo Tattoo
Mama Fratelli Tattoo by madamefink
Amazing Goonies Tattoo by Gabri Pais
Traditional Goonies Tattoo by Yobbo PDC
Sloth Tattoo by David Corden
Goonies Tattoo by Jeff Ensminger
unknown artist
Chunk Tattoo by Roly Tattoos
Old School Sloth Tattoo by Daryl Jimmie
Goonies Tattoo by Jonathan Brookshire
Bold Sloth Tattoo by Dan Smith
artist unknown
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