Refreshing Linear Tattoos by Nouvelle Rita

Refreshing Linear Tattoos by Nouvelle Rita

The tattoos of Nouvelle Rita are trending on internet, but for a very good reason.
First, because they are refreshing and unique. Using lines and geometry, the Portuguese tattoo artist creates eye-catching and charming tattoos. Thin and thick lines are giving life to pretty animals and artistic designs. Not always monochromatic, her pieces can also play with blue and red ink. Then, her tattoos are popular because geometric designs and linework are hot right now. They are an alternative to traditional styles, yet they are solid and bold.
Finally, Nouvelle Rita confessed that tattooing has changed, if not saved her life. But, who knows? Perhaps her tattoos will change and save yours... Art has such a strong healing power... Ready for the experience?
The tattoos of Nouvelle Rita only uses lines, creating shades and depth with different thickness.
Cool tiger thigh piece.
She mostly works on organic designs, but she can fulfill all your desires.
Using blue ink gives a nice twist.
Beautiful phoenix.
Red ink is for originality.
Fantastic Aztec tattoo!
Surrealism is also a source of inspiration.
Mighty lion.
Classy smoker hand.
Geometric horse.
Lovely chestpiece.
Elegant orchids.
Amazing mermaid piece!
Sweet collaboration with Tania Catclaw.
Right now, she's indeed fully booked, but you can still take a chance and contact her on Instagram or Facebook...