Rich Homie Quan Gets A New Edward Scissorhands Tattoo

Rich Homie Quan is proving to be a huge fan of the ink, adding to his collection an Edward Scissorhands portrait.
It wasn’t long ago that we posted about RHQ’s Pablo Escobar tattoo, in which he showed his appreciation for the drug lord’s attitude towards his community and how he was successful in his choices.
This time he got an Edward Scissorhands portrait and shared with us why he is one of his favourite characters, captioning: “He was also an outcast, and he also had a big heart. Yeah, he made one mistake and everybody turned their back on him. Sometimes the weirdest people can become your heroes. And it just happens that Mr. Scissorhands has to be one of mine."
Like last time, Ryan Jenkins from Hart and Huntington Tattoo Co, Las Vegas did the work and it looked really cool.