Spotlight: Disturbing Tattoos By Paul Vander-Johnson

Spotlight: Disturbing Tattoos By Paul Vander-Johnson

If you like your ink edgy, you will fall for the offbeat tattoos of Paul Vander-Johnson.
The British tattoo artist is working at Triplesix Studios in Sunderland, UK. An almost self-taught tattooist, Paul has found his own style mixing cool ingredients. The young talent is playing with many codes to create unique and unsettling tattoos that are fascinating tattoo lovers. Realism, 3D and street art effects, new school and horror are reunited in his portfolio.
His different yet complementary sources of inspiration are coming from cartoons, science-fiction, video games and horror culture, giving birth to an original universe. If you enjoy vivid colors, bizarre yet sexy designs and contemporary art, you will be amazed by the tattoos of Paul Vander-Johnson...
Awesome portrait by #PaulVanderJohnson
Playing with patterns, textures and bizarre. #PaulVanderJohnson
Between 3D, street art and creepy. #PaulVanderJohnson
Awesome tattoo by Paul Vander-Johnson
Truly disturbing!
Cool hand tattoo.
Outstanding piece!
Badass composition...
Awesome effects.
Vivid colors and sick design...
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