Spotlight: Magic Neo Traditional Tattoos By Zack Singer

Spotlight: Magic Neo Traditional Tattoos By Zack Singer

There is something mesmerizing in the art of Zack Singer.
Perhaps, the mastered compositions with subtle elements such as sacred geometry, references to vintage pop art and surrealism. Maybe it is the choice of colors, mysterious turquoise and grey blues, golden yellow and hypnotizing purple shades...
Or it is certainly the deep power of the eyes of its portraits, almost realistic yet with the stylish look of neo traditional art. His girls are fatale and sensual, expressions of magic and hidden secrets of the universe. His animals are fierce and mystic. Everything in his portfolio is fascinating and sizzling hot...
Based in Dallas, in the United States, this tattoo artist mastering many styles, but he caught the attention of the tattoo community with his unique pieces of body art. If you enjoy exploring the borders of dreams, art and tattoos, you will certainly be happy to follow Zack Singer on his Instagram page...
Cool Tupac tattoo.
Hypnotizing colors...
Creative design.
Awesome tattoo by Zack Singer
Mystic cat tattoo.
Awesome tattoo by Zack Singer
Hot ink by Zack Singer
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