Spotlight: Sexy Black And Grey By Jak Connolly

Spotlight: Sexy Black And Grey By Jak Connolly

If you are into black and grey and realistic tattoos, Sullen tattoo artist Jak Connolly is your man.
This British master is creating some of the most sensual female portraits of the world... Using morphing techniques, he combines the face of gorgeous women with other elements. His skills allow him to give life to smoke, darkness and his femmes fatales...
His art is often really mysterious and dark, even borrowing to the codes of horror tattoos and erotica, but he can master color tattoos as well. An award-winning artist, he is often featured in prestigious international tattoo conventions. You will be thrilled by Jak Connolly's incredible portait tattoos...
Tribute to France.
Powerful horse piece.
Breath-taking Justice tattoo!
Out of this world hand tattoo...
For science lovers...
Healed French kiss piece.
Impressive half sleeve.
Done at London Tattoo Convention.
Cosmic portrait.
Trash style chestpiece.
Jaw-dropping backpiece!
Another rad one...
Awesome tattoo
Jak Connolly and one of his paintings.
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