Spotlight: The Rising Talent Glenn Cuzen

Spotlight: The Rising Talent Glenn Cuzen

Glenn Cuzen caught the attention of the public and magazines with a geometric piece tattooed from the nape to the lower back on his wife.
The intricate tattoo includes a 3D space illusion, sacred geometric and killer ornamental details, rapidly promoting it to the status of masterpiece and Glenn to the artists to watch. The British tattoo artist based in Reading, England, Cuzen is specializing in dotwork geometry, cover ups and mostly black and grey ornamental tattoos. You can spot him on international tattoo conventions, grabbing prizes, or on his Instagram page.
World famous artpiece: this backpiece has made the cover of magazines and went viral on internet.
Another cool backpiece.
Nice head tattoo.
Glenn Cuzen Geometric Dotwork Backpiece
Artist: Glenn Cuzen
Aiming the top of the world?
Great sleeve and chest.
Intricate work.
Artist: Glenn Cuzen
This fantastic piece was made on his wife.
Artist: Glenn Cuzen
Artist: Glenn Cuzen
The artist at work.
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