Tania Catclaw: Geometry Meets Watercolor

Tania Catclaw: Geometry Meets Watercolor

Among rising talents of contemporary tattoo art, we are very glad to introduce you to Tania Catclaw.
Based in Lisbon, Portugal, at El Diablo tattoo shop, this young lady is creating adorable body art. Inspired by nature and animal realm, she mixes sketch style, geometry and watercolor effects to offer her clients charming tattoos... Her lines are flowing, her colors are delicate and the result is poetic and most of the time extraordinary cute! If you are living too far from Europe to get an appointment, you can easily admire her illustrations and ink on her social networks.
Her main subjects are animals.
Sketch styling, joyful colors and geometric shapes.
She does creative compositions.
Lovely tattoo!
Beautiful penguin tattoo
Linework bear with watercolor design
Linework and watercolor tattoo of cute bunnies...
Cute hedgehog!
Beautiful leopard tattoo by Tania Catclaw
Lovely robin.
Tribute to Frida Kahlo.
Indeed, she does a lot of poetic origami tattoos.
Creative fox tattoo
Beautiful tattoo
An adorable sketch.
Follow Tania Catclaw on her Facebook page and Instagram account for more pretty tattoos...
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