Tattoos Inspired by Alex Garant's Terrific Art

Tattoos Inspired by Alex Garant's Terrific Art

Alexandra Garant is best known as Alex Garant. She is famous worldwide for her art, but she is also a truly inspiring woman.
This Canadian painter understood the gift of life and art in 2012, after surviving an heart attack. She then devoted herself to her personal art, soon starting to paint the multiple eyed portraits which make her famous. Her unsettling paintings, inspired by pop surrealism, are so unique and gorgeous that they are coveted by many art collectors and art enthusiasts.
Alex's surprising artwork is closely linked to her extraordinary personality. Indeed, the young woman is a fan of body art, fit life and she is also full of humor... So much talent and beauty in just one girl, that's perfect. If her art inspires tattoo artists for breath-taking ink, her story and lifestyle should inspire many women and men to reach their life's goals and achieve their dreams.
Alexandra is famous for her portraits with several eyes, creating a disturbing effect.
Fabulous Princess Leia paniting!
Beautiful portrait
The artist Alex Garant, photo by Ryan Loco.
Awesome creative portrait
Tattooed self-portrait.
Her heroines are all beautiful yet bizarre...
Her art is used also in cool merchandising, especially clothes. Here, she is wearing one of her dresses with rock attitude...
She shows dedication to art with these knuckle tattoos by Adam Wagner.
The tattooed gym rat knows that talent and beauty are achieved through hard work.
Awesome tattoo inspired by the art of Alex Garant, by Alexander Twig.
Here by Jay NGuyen.
Fantastic piece by Pedi!
Gorgeous tattoo by Viktoria Kirnoz.
You can follow Alex Garant on her social networks (Facebook and Instagram) to see more of her art, tattoos and get some cool fitness motivation as well!
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