2015’s 15 Hottest Tattoo Trends

2015’s 15 Hottest Tattoo Trends

What a wild year it’s been. Here’s what was popular in the tattoo world in 2015

We did it everybody, we survived 2015! I know a lot of us thought the year was never going to end, but we all made it to the other side. Well, all of us except for B.B. King, Christopher Lee, Roddy Piper, Wes Craven, Scott Weiland, and all the other beloved celebrities we lost to 2015. It’s been another crazy year for the tattoo world as well, and today we finally get to reflect back upon the 15 most popular tattoos of 2015.

1. Arrows
Arrow tattoo by Felipe Kross #filipekross #arrows

It was a hot year for arrows, and no one is surprised. These pointy flying sticks were all the rage in 2015. We might not have been able to predict the normalization of Cuban and American diplomatic relations, but going into 2015, we knew arrows would be one of the year’s most popular tattoos.

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2. Pocket watches

Pocketwatch with roses from Tim Hinton #timhinton #Pocketwatch

What time is it? Well, 2015 was when NASA announced that it had found liquid water on Mars, but it was also a great year for pocket watch tattoos.

3. Underboob
Hummingbird underboob tattoo by Abel Sanchez #abelsnachez #hummingbird

A seasoned classic, the underboob tattoo is a winner every year. These babies are just slightly hotter than class tensions in Greece after the country became the first to ever miss a payment to the IMF in the fund’s 71 year history.

4. Semicolon
typical semicolon #semicolon

Semicolon tattoos scored a really big win in 2015, as did Svetlana Alexievich when she nabbed the Nobel Prize for literature.

 5. Mountain
mountain #mountain

Mountain tattoos stayed strong in 2015, unlike Volkswagen’s stock after the company was found to have faked emission testing results.

6. Watercolor
Watercolor rose tattoo by Lorenzo Loreprod Anzini #lorenzoloreprodanzini #rose #watercolor

Despite the inherent risks, watercolor tattoos rocked our world in 2015 just as sure as two back to back 7+ magnitude earthquakes rocked Nepal and left over 9000 dead.

7. Mandala
Sternum mandala tattoo by Alex Bawn. #alexbawn #mandala

We definitely observed an uptick in the popularity of mandala tattoos in 2015, much like scientists observed gravitational waves for the very first time.

8. Hand poke
by Lady Hans at Art House Tattoo Ormskirk #ladyhans #jake #adventuretime #handpoked

Hand poked tattoos have always been cool, unlike ISIL and Boko Haram who announced a formal alliance on March 12th.

9. Arm band
Blackwork arm band by Hanumantra Lamar #armband #HanumantraLamar

This year, arm band tattoos blew up faster than an Afghanistani Doctors Without Borders hospital in an American air-strike.

10. Dots
by Jon Boy #jonboy #dots

Dots are always a strong choice and we have a bright future of dot work tattoos to look forward to. Speaking of bright futures, 2015 saw a global climate change pact signed by virtually all nations in Paris, and we here in America are stoked to be committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

11. Galaxy
Galaxy tattoo by Denis Torikashavili #DenisTorkshavili #galaxy

Space has never been more popular as proven this February by Alfonso Cuaron winning an Oscar for directing Gravity.

12. Solar System
minimalistic solar system #solarsystem

Solar system tattoos are always a good choice, but they got a big assist in 2015 when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft became the first to ever perform a close fly-by of Pluto.

13. Compass
Compass tattoo, artist unknown. #compass

Compass tattoos stayed strong in 2015, almost as strong as the 215 mph winds of Hurricane Patricia, the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.

14. Line
by Jon Boy #line #jonboy

Even though we found some debris of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 on Reunion Island, we still have no idea what happened to that plane. What we do know is that line tattoos remained popular in 2015.

15. Trash Polka
Trash polka tattoo by Constantine Novikov #constantinenovikov #trashpolka

This style has been brewing for some time now, but it really broke out in 2015, just like convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat when they escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility and lead authorities on a three-week manhunt.

There you have it, 2015’s most popular tattoos. Our predictions for 2016? Well, we’ll probably see a sharp rise in Hillary Clinton tattoos after she likely becomes our next president.

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