The Cool Neo-Traditional Tattoos Of Aleksei Kosenkov

Neo-Traditional tattoos are one of the best contemporary tattoo styles and Aleksei Kosenkov has got them down!!
Tattooing in Minsk, Belarus, Aleksei Kosenkov is producing some cool neo-traditional tattoos. Bringing traditional and neo-traditional tattooing together Kosenkov's tattoos have a classic style but contemporary look. Bold and dark the tattoos of Kosenkov make for some awesome viewing and deserve some appreciation.
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Some Bold Blackwork!
Sweet Dagger Tattoo
Awesome Blue Rose
Great Wild Boar
Another Great Dagger Tattoo
Cool Eye Filler!
Brilliant Flower Tattoo
Bold Shading On This Piece
Great Knights Hand
Vibrant Knights Helmet Tattoo
Gorgeous Lady
Bold Work On This Piece!
Fierce Piece!
Badass Knee Tattoo
Skull Knight Tattoo!
Intense Design!
Solid Work