The Creative Neo Traditional Tattoos Of Jonathan Penchoff

The Creative Neo Traditional Tattoos Of Jonathan Penchoff

Neo traditional tattoos with a geek and fantasy twist are the best! If you agree with that, you need to know Jonathan Penchoff,
He is also known as Earthgrasper. This American tattoo artist is working at Golden Rule Tattoo and is from Phoenix, Arizona. While travelling, the skilled artist is creating unique tattoos with slightly esoteric references, greek culture tributes and eye-catching designs. Fantasy universe and culture are often his references, such as Harry Potter.
More generally, his artwork can be described as magic, oneiric and offbeat. If you like the solid lines of traditional tattoos, the elegant colors of neo traditional tattoos and if you are fond of magic, then you could fall for the art of Jonathan Penchoff...
Proud Hufflepuff tribute!
Clever Leonardo da Vinci tattoo...
Cool hawk soldier piece.
Charming Native girl tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff
His Nature tattoos are full of life and awesome details.
For horse lovers!
Great effect. Tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff
Odd design but looking rad!
Lovely female portrait.
Cool sailor cat...
Mystic lion king by Jonathan Penchoff
Funky slot!
Mysterious concept...
Beautiful design.
Amazing geode piece!
You will find more incredibly gorgeous tattoos on his Facebook page and Instagram account.
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