The Dark Traditional Work Of Esther De Miguel

The Dark Traditional Work Of Esther De Miguel

Esther De Miguel creates some stunningly beautiful bold and dark traditional tattoos with creative lines and shading.
You simply can't beat traditional tattoos, they're a classic design and style that holds up the rest of tattooing. Of course many say that once you've seen one traditional tattoo you've seen them all, bold lines and bolder shading. Yet a number of artists take the best of traditional tattoos and put their own style and flair into it making their work unique in the process. Esther De Miguel is a tattoo artist who has certainly made traditional tattoos her own!!
Esther De Miguel
With a bold and dark style, Miguel's tattoos stand out from other traditional work and are fresh expression of classic tattooing. Totally awesome Esther is one of the best modern traditional tattoo artists out there and her work is outstanding!
Balloon Tattoo
Bear Tattoo
Cockerel Tattoo
Eagle Tattoo
Eye Heart Tattoo
Flower Tattoos
Gap Filler Tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Solid Tattoo
Panther Dagger Tattoo
Landscape Tattoo
Ship Tattoo
Snow Globe Tattoo
Swallow Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
Blackwork Print
Prints by Esther De Miguel
Print by Esther De Miguel
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