This Is What You Call Witty Tattoo Placement

This Is What You Call Witty Tattoo Placement

A good placement is an additional asset to a masterpiece, but a witty tattoo placement is just ace!
Placing a tattoo design on the body requires skills too. You can play with the reliefs of the flesh and bones to give your tattoo an unexpected 3D effect. You can also use 3D techniques to make your tattoo comes to life just like a whole accessory or extra lamb! But if you want to shine, just add some dark humor to your ink. Laughing at life is the best way to overcome it, especially if it has been hard on you... Some tattoos can heal, others can make you smile and say: "haha! clever!" so take a look at these witty tattoo placements and have a blast!
Chronic knee pain? By Chris Brunner.
At least, he hasn't lost his sense of humor... By Chris Jeffreys.
Badass blackwork by Deni Aktemirov.
Giving a whole new meaning to 3D tattoos (and even moving tattoos!)... By Gakkin.
Always ready to spraypaint... By Herman IX.
Now a classic, but a good one! By Lu Jiménez.
When you have a sword fish stuck in your throat... By Matt Adamson.
Another great classic by Mico Goldobin.
Almost a must-have by Nikolas of DarkSide Tattoo Society.
Another 3D and moving tattoo? By Oliver Strupp.
Looking real... By Rods Jiménez.
My tattoo is trying to kill me... By Sergio Sanchez.
Stocking lines with a twist by Sven Rayen.
Cool hidden Ouroboros by Thomas Boulard.
If you're drawing all the time... By Victor Chil.
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