This Tattooed Brazilian Model Might Be The Sexiest Dwarf In The World

This might be the last thing you're expected to show up on your news feed today.
Tattooed Brazilian Model
You read that right—the sexiest dwarf in the world! And from the looks of it, we wouldn't disagree!
Tattooed Brazilian Model
Tattooed Brazilian Model, Katrina Lemos
Her name is Karina Lemos, a local actress in Brazil. She regularly appears on local TV shows.
Tattooed Brazilian Model
That explains the abundance of hunks she mingles with as seen on her Instagram.
When she's not appearing on TV, Karina also models here and there with her fun sized height of 4-foot-3.
The model-actress ran into trouble when she appeared in a video with a male dwarf in a paddling pool, with her gyrating and doing the Gangnam Style dance as the male “touched” himself.
Nonetheless, she reveals that she is confident of her body and who she is, saying: “I don’t have hang-ups about my size, quite the opposite. I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape.”
Katrina Lemos
“I know that people find me attractive, because they have told me many times,” she adds.
Katrina Lemos
Her abs, though!
Katrina Lemos
Tattooed women sure do come in all shapes and fun sizes!
Katrina Lemos selfie
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