Trackable Tattoos And Geocaching

Trackable Tattoos And Geocaching

Geocaching has just taken a step up regarding ink, it's using trackable tattoos!!
Geocaching is an outdoors activity where participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device, among other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers known as 'geocaches' or 'caches' anywhere in the world!! A typical cache consists of a small waterproof box in which a notebook and pen are left for any finders sign and date it before putting it back where they found it.
Any Tattoodo fans go geocaching??
Keen geocacher's however have been known to make anything and everything trackable, aside from the typical cache. Pets, cars, toys and furniture have all been known to be made trackable by a geocacher. Though 500 geocacher's have taken their love of trackables to new heights and got trackable tattoos!!
A geocacher's trackable tattoos is a fairly simple concept. A person gets a unique tracking code from by purchasing some Travel Bugs, but instead of using the code as they normally would they use it as part of a tattoo design and that's it, you have your own trackable tattoo!
Travel Bug
"I thought it was absolutely awesome and just knew my first tattoo would have to be a trackable! I have a blast geocaching and have met some truly amazing individuals through it that I otherwise would likely never have known" -Geocacher NutmegBrownie
Travel Bug/Trackable Tattoo
Trackable Ink Is An Awesome Idea!
“A nearby cacher in the next state over from me was the first actual physical human trackable that I found, and I was literally so excited when I met him and his tattoo last spring"
Are trackable tattoos part of tattooing's future?
Trackable tattoos are a way for geocacher's to up there game and take their tracking activities to new levels! Would you consider getting a trackable tattoo??
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