Uk's Most Tattooed Cities Revealed!!

Uk's Most Tattooed Cities Revealed!!

The UK tattoo scene is one of the biggest in the world, it boasts some of the finest artists and best tattoo shops.
Have you ever wondered which of the UK's cities is the most tattooed? Well now you can have an answer as motorbike insurance brokers Carole Nash have conducted a survey and found the UK's most tattooed cities, some of which may be a little surprising.
Now before you scroll down and learn which parts of the UK love their ink the most have a guess at which city you think came top...
Tattoo shop
So then which city came top and boasts the best ink game...Well according to the study it's Birmingham, where 45% of the tattooed population have between 11 and 15 tattoos, more than any other UK city!!

Checkout the other most tattooed cities in the list below!!
Birmingham – 48% Norwich – 41%

Glasgow – 40%
Sheffield – 36%

Bradford – 36%
Aberdeen – 23%

Liverpool – 22%
Cardiff – 20%

Nottingham – 19%
Bristol – 18%

(*Percentage of survey respondents who said were tattooed and have more than 6 tattoos on their body)
The study also showed some interesting figures and trends in the growth of tattoos in the UK. While only 7% of people born before 1950 had a tattoo, an incredible 42% of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s had some ink!!

Although the research didn't shed much light on why people get tattooed it did reveal that 39% of people got there tattoo simply because they liked the look of it!!
Tattoo trends were also uncovered in the study and each cities most popular tattoo designs and styles were revealed. London leads the way in contemporary tattoos where geometric styles are the most popular, where as northern cities like Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford prefer tribal patterns, lettering and floral pieces. Glasgow's tattoo trends took the shape of the popular Maori and Polynesian designs and Liverpool's inked up population favored tribute and memorial tattoos!
UK tattoo map
Carole Nash's tattoo study has gone some way into shedding light on the current trends in British tattooing while finally answering which city is king of the ink. Congratulations Birmingham you lead the UK tattoo game!!
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