Vintage And Modern Tattooed Celebrities By Cheyenne Randall

Vintage And Modern Tattooed Celebrities By Cheyenne Randall

Modern tattooed celebrities

Tattooed Celebrities by Cheyenne Randall are created to give us a view of how it would have been if our favorite icons are covered in ink.
Johnny Cash

We're pretty damn happy Cheyenne Randall exists. Sure, everyone who knows how Photoshop works can do a pretty good job on giving people tattoos but they won't be as dedicated to it as Cheyenne is.

Jacqueline B. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

Cheyenne is a Seattle-based mixed media artist known for Shopped Tattoos, a photo series featuring iconic figures—from presidents to pin-up models—digitally tattooed in traditional American style.

Marilyn Monroe

As a visual artist, Cheyenne taught himself Photoshop and first started playing with tattoos on photos with nothing much in mind except for the fact that it really amused him. Soon after, he got even more hooked into it and began tagging his works with #shoppedtattoos  

James Franco

Through the series, he had the opportunity to not only share his work to thousands of people who are looking forward to every photo edit but also a chance to get to personally work with some of the celebrities he “tatted” up! James Franco, for one, really enjoyed Cheyenne's works and even personally reached out to the artist for a custom work. Check it out here

Liz Taylor
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio may have never won an Oscar but his sweet, younger self is winning it with sweet-looking tattoos.

Brittany Murphy

Britanny Murphy is looking more alive and kicking than ever here. RIP. 

Leonard Nimoy

Vintage beauties and vintage blackwork. 

Britney Spears

This one works, too! 

Princess Kate Middleton
This one works, too!
I'd like to live in a world where Her Majesty is covered in glorious ink.
Princess Diana Frances Spencer
Bettie Page

Vintage pin-up model Bettie Page just got a whole lot more sexier! 

This is more like it for the wonder mouth and voice of Aerosmith. 

Norma Aleandro
Audrey Hepburn

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