10 Awe-Inspiring Zeus Tattoos

10 Awe-Inspiring Zeus Tattoos

The King of the Gods and ruler of the skies, thunder Zeus is one hell of a guy, and these Zeus tattoos are some impressive ink!
In Ancient Greek religion and mythology Zeus was the king of the Gods of Mount Olympus and was the equivalent of the Roman god Jupiter. The god of the sky and thunder Zeus was seen as the chief of the gods and father to a number of them, even those not fathered by him referred to him as father. As king of the Gods, Zeus assigned other gods to their roles and ruled over them with immense power, always having a thunderbolt ready. Naturally such an iconic and powerful deity makes for some cool tattoos!
Zeus tattoo is a popular mythological tattoo and most commonly tattooed in a realistic black and grey statue style. Classic architecture Zeus statue tattoos feature an older Zeus with curly hair and a beard. However other more colorful Zeus tattoos exist and they are just as impressive. So embrace the god of the skies and enjoy these awe-inspiring Zeus tattoos!!
Awesome Zeus Tattoo by @kadutattoo
By Daniel Chashoudian
Tattoo by Gara Tattooer
Tattoo by Kevin Nocerino
Dramatic Zeus Tattoo by Hugo Sousa
Dark Zeus Tattoo by Jason Hawes
Tattoo by Jun Cha
Bold Zeus Tattoo by Fabricio Nautica Praiamar
Zeus Tattoo by Kyle the Kid
Tattoo by Luis Inda
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